JJ Olatunji
JJ Olatunji
JJ Olatunji
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Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson 4 hours ago
I'm here 2 years later. This man doesn't even wear it lmao
evolul 4 hours ago
I normally don’t laugh to be honest
A.Siddharth 8A3
A.Siddharth 8A3 4 hours ago
4:44 Is it only me or anybody see's a activate windows sign(I'm not on pc)
Sdmn Hater
Sdmn Hater 4 hours ago
10:29 what? Explain yo
Son Gayku
Son Gayku 4 hours ago
0:55 can we talk about how the knife is so close to her fingers, she's dropping half the carrots, she's cutting them on a piece of paper, they're all scattered on the table, and there's a butter knife covered in carrot bits next to the egg, meaning she tried to CUT CARROTS WITH A BUTTER KNIFE.
SKAFFA THIJS 4 hours ago
When the debut coming😂
Jiru 4 hours ago
Still no video damn 😂😂 y’all hurt his feelings with this Reddit
👑king 4 hours ago
I came here to say that 😂
Sheikh Obama
Sheikh Obama 4 hours ago
For those who are running out of time..its 7:43 .. ur welcome 😂
Chidubem Duruibe
Chidubem Duruibe 4 hours ago
Jesus loves you!
GEF ROASTER 4 hours ago
0:17 its chewsday is it 😂
Nemo W33D
Nemo W33D 4 hours ago
Nope… thats not the ps version of vr…
Oreo but low graphics
00:23 xD
jaidon german
jaidon german 4 hours ago
The next pic will be him on a halo thing when spligate gets a full game
Dzoni 420
Dzoni 420 4 hours ago
did ksi activated windows yet_
Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla
Wow. 😂😂😂
DC Jay
DC Jay 4 hours ago
Whats happening is that u guys talked shit abt a good production that jj has worked hard for and spent his own money on in which he thinks he would be making his fans happy The internet is fucked and noone will be pleased and now that hes taking a break people are acting confused this is fucked
Luke Daniel Macaraig
Bruh I Freakin Farted 3 Times When You Wheeze At The Chair Hahahaha😂
Samsung 8gb
Samsung 8gb 4 hours ago
Support feminism😂
ForzaGamer1234 4 hours ago
In the beniging
Ma Ku
Ma Ku 4 hours ago
I didn't ever laugh his video's tho. I am always laugh to his REDICILOUS LAUGH FAM😒
Nicholas Gauci
Nicholas Gauci 4 hours ago
Then School Starts Again 9:05
Wotek M
Wotek M 4 hours ago
who would have thought that n-world can make so much fun
YASSINE 4 hours ago
strike gaming
strike gaming 4 hours ago
0:42 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
marko trajkovski
marko trajkovski 4 hours ago
JJ its called VR
hisham 4 hours ago
bro....come back damn
kokushibou 4 hours ago
8:37 poor guy
Brayden Cussins
Brayden Cussins 4 hours ago
He slipped he got punched out of the ring what do you mean
Jijge Tsaschikher
Jijge Tsaschikher 4 hours ago
Pov:you saw the title and tought "this gonna br fun how many millions he spent"
~OnlineDers~ 4 hours ago
Mr. Snipes
Mr. Snipes 4 hours ago
All man milk
xristos athanasiadis
It's been long time since I listened Logan's but goddammit he add JJ's clips on that diss very well tbh but that was funny
Dora Diaz
Dora Diaz 4 hours ago
The daily bandana dentsply whine because refrigerator interstingly dare including a uneven panty. first, damp discovery
Mátè Faddi
Mátè Faddi 4 hours ago
leah 4 hours ago
when your parents are right in front of you and your meant to be reading 😶🤐😖
RV554N 4 hours ago
Too bad they lost tho init
Gabriano Shelton
Gabriano Shelton 4 hours ago
Ay this was a year ago
BKC 4 hours ago
"I know in the videos I seemed like I didn't care" Hahaha.
Mia? 4 hours ago
This isn’t hate towards Black People, but the hate towards them goes over the hate towards Hispanic. I’m sorry but, we get more hate then black people, at least from what I’ve seen. You can say I’m trying to get more recognition for Hispanics, which is true, because not even Hispanic History Month even does anything compared to Black History Month
Tanveer Gill
Tanveer Gill 4 hours ago
Why isn’t JJ posting man??
Petter Wagander
Petter Wagander 4 hours ago
”You dont make sense”
Dison Ëláñgbãm
Dison Ëláñgbãm 4 hours ago
I can't try not to laugh 😂😂😂😂😂💔
emmanuel hayford
emmanuel hayford 4 hours ago
8:39 jj why?
LemonDream 4 hours ago
Rishik Reddy
Rishik Reddy 4 hours ago
2:49 ksi is lord beerus pewds is lord champa youtube is grand zenno
Gautam Bhalerao
Gautam Bhalerao 5 hours ago
Why did he get so hyper for badicam I didn't understand?? Please can someone explain
Cena _zr
Cena _zr 5 hours ago
DarX_XX Games
DarX_XX Games 5 hours ago
alternative title:beating the shit out of my little brother for5 min and the rest of the video just making fun of him
Sarah Hatherly
Sarah Hatherly 5 hours ago
When you killed green the body turned red
Connor Rixner
Connor Rixner 5 hours ago
Did you get your photos printed
Justin Maden
Justin Maden 5 hours ago
Samim als je dit ziet je moeder
debilek 5 hours ago
jdu wankovat cs
debilek 5 hours ago
i love drunk JJ😂😂
emmanuel hayford
emmanuel hayford 5 hours ago
Ok this is concerning. 2 weeks without video. And no reply on twitter
Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis 5 hours ago
Fam I swear you went to private school as well 😨
Presley Pereira
Presley Pereira 5 hours ago
Those friends in the game are real friends tbh.. one call n they'll be on ut doorstep.
Amauri maldando
Amauri maldando 5 hours ago
Wsp mate
Sarv 5 hours ago
??? KSI told us he got a girl friend and he praises her in this video but didn't he say that she was intelligent so is she Ksi's girl friend am i right???
WYN 5 hours ago
This one 8s dark bro
i like when ksi acting like a bitch when he is about to lose
Jaime McPhie
Jaime McPhie 5 hours ago
Intro has me gone
Nemo W33D
Nemo W33D 5 hours ago
I dont understand
Takeaway Pizza10
Takeaway Pizza10 5 hours ago
Guys I think we’ve killed him
Erik Johansen
Erik Johansen 5 hours ago
Go back in 0.25 speed where KSI says “have some PlAtNuM”
Art with Abdullah
Art with Abdullah 5 hours ago
Is it just me who finds him raging entertaining
Dr1p GoD
Dr1p GoD 5 hours ago
JJ should be better to his brother
Devit Benz
Devit Benz 5 hours ago
i don't think he's really sober in this video
Data 5 hours ago
MelsonQt 5 hours ago
Subscribe to deji… keeps hitting deji🤣 like go away getting clout from my USlift 🤣😎
Chaconut 5 hours ago
5:49 It took a few years, but I can now actually sit cross legged with about 90-95% accuracy. But when I miss, it is fucking awful. It is actually quite nice, especially if you are at a formal event and it also is nice and relaxing to do
BabaYaga 5 hours ago
Post it on reddit
syn 5 hours ago
2:22 LOL
Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis 5 hours ago
Good thing he’s slightly better at boxing than maths 😂