What did Jake Paul Say To Me? 

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So I got My channel Banned for a Week. I couldn't post any of my videos. So i'm just uploading them now just so we're all up to date

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Feb 26, 2021




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Zac Betts
Zac Betts 6 hours ago
Hi Ksi
Kid 24kNight
Kid 24kNight 11 hours ago
He mention "Singapore" Me staying in Singapore :))
No Thanks
No Thanks 12 hours ago
fat neek
IAM 1013
IAM 1013 Day ago
Did jj really say "who's Twice?" 2:10
Tyson Byers
Tyson Byers Day ago
reddit= cant read his own lips
Rosario Volino
I don’t get the positive thing Pls answer
Not Now
Not Now Day ago
8:52 wrong positive
Senor Patango
I love how he searched 1 black vs 9 Asian I would do that too
Itz Darkyy
Itz Darkyy 2 days ago
Yoooo the same happened to me I ordered a infinity lighter and it still had t come I ordered it in January
Hyperツ 2 days ago
Vik should've told jj to get hyper in the "Ksi is my servant for 24hrs"
Ashlin George
Ashlin George 2 days ago
it was my b'day on this day that the video was uploaded keep it up jj
Wills Andonian
Wills Andonian 2 days ago
You inspire me
Wills Andonian
Wills Andonian 2 days ago
I want to be a boxer
Izzy Chkhaidze
Izzy Chkhaidze 2 days ago
No one likes you
Izzy Chkhaidze
Izzy Chkhaidze 2 days ago
Wee all hate you
B Wright
B Wright 2 days ago
Black guy vs nine Asian girls...JJ gonna be a nrop star ahaha
Awesomesause 111
Awesomesause 111 2 days ago
5:06 crazy thing is, that happened but to Chris Pratt(Star Lord), people got mad at him for doing his job and following instructions and sent him death because of what his character did🤣. People are weird
Tarren Anders
Tarren Anders 3 days ago
Will someone explain the whole keep being positive post
Moose Billy
Moose Billy 4 days ago
RICKY Dunn 5 days ago
I’m 15 and taller then him 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Juicy Foam
Juicy Foam 5 days ago
JJ Fatneek
William Brown
William Brown 5 days ago
KSI the movie with thanos in to Me so which one
The Egg
The Egg 5 days ago
Amanda Pimental
Amanda Pimental 5 days ago
It's just 1' under six ft my guy👁️👄👁️
1A30 NALBO ANMOL 6 days ago
Anyone else notice how he stopped before mural and started laughing
dominik hraniĆ
dominik hraniĆ 6 days ago
Their queen is unkillable but their king is dead
Kayla Dinero
Kayla Dinero 6 days ago
The dude that be like sir graduated this year from my college 😂😂 I didn’t know he went there
Marina Liston
Marina Liston 6 days ago
5:04 literally wyatt russel in falcon and the winter soldier lols
Aly ruiz
Aly ruiz 7 days ago
Jj doesnt even have eye brwos
Rmgskiller 7 days ago
Text saying:Keep being positive KSI: I don't get it
face mcpeely
face mcpeely 8 days ago
"WhY iS hE iN mIlK"
Cryptowastaken 8 days ago
cant believe he past twice
Katsuki __
Katsuki __ 8 days ago
I just like how the sub title says [Lord KSI] every time he speaks 💀
warrington 8 days ago
Why didnt he just underline the postitive part. Would have stopped jj being confused
Hemant 8 days ago
Hahah fat neek
HAASHER OMAR 9 days ago
I am 15 and 6ft ☻
Jamie Ing
Jamie Ing 9 days ago
Did he say he lives in a flat now
David - TLOPO
David - TLOPO 9 days ago
Karen Bachour
Karen Bachour 9 days ago
u really use jake as clout.. yea out him in ur title and talk about it for 30seconds
Chungus Guy
Chungus Guy 10 days ago
12:10 is what y’all are looking for
R13 10 days ago
5.2 😂
Penny 10 days ago
8:51 can someone explain the joke ?
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 10 days ago
Jesus Christ is king
Shamin akhtar
Shamin akhtar 10 days ago
I'm feeling fatneek
Jaden 11 days ago
I think Ksi is about 6’1
Naman Rawat
Naman Rawat 11 days ago
9:44 does somebody know that song name?
Flapdoodle 11 days ago
whats up its your boy ksilolalgbt
Yoosuf Leevan
Yoosuf Leevan 11 days ago
6:03 disappointing
Matias K
Matias K 11 days ago
were is the subtittles?
Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy 11 days ago
I like that jjs go to is giving an expensive reward like platinum before the upvote😂
Raven 12 days ago
I swear Fatneek is skinny
Rosťa porcogosrostislav
does any one know what is his second name?
khalifa malami
khalifa malami 12 days ago
That alphorn mouthpiece is gone never coming 😂😂
Jayden McNealy
Jayden McNealy 12 days ago
my bad Lord KSI, you ordered your alphorn mouth piece on my birthday and it still hasn't come. ill make sure to get that sorted out for you. I truly apologize lmfao
Nicholas 12 days ago
Skull lord 123 Skull lord 123
I'm 5'10 5'11 (I haven't checked in a while) but that's what I remember being told last time i was measured) am I taller than KSI? Because I know I'm not stronger so it's cool if I've got hight on him
Skull lord 123 Skull lord 123
Ayyy yo my comment is highlighted
when i understood the positive parts i lost my shit fam
tanxzx 13 days ago
Maddy cabag
Maddy cabag 13 days ago
Finally someone has mentioned Singapore in a USlift video made by international creators. Meaning creators outside of Singapore
Mandar Sonkusare
Mandar Sonkusare 12 days ago
TooRainbow 13 days ago
Thordur Aron10
Thordur Aron10 14 days ago
Mans got a PS5 in the background.
DKAG03 16 days ago
9:46 Sammy Guevara's theme
Kevin Fry
Kevin Fry 16 days ago
I was there watching top 5 goals of the weeks and heskey. I was there.
teo yonqi
teo yonqi 16 days ago
can someone explain to me the keep being positive
Megan Bravo
Megan Bravo 18 days ago
nooooo not Callux bro lmao
Aryan Sangale
Aryan Sangale 18 days ago
9:14 its my honour tht me n jj realised the meaning of tht meme at the same time😂😂😂 black telepathy
AYUB 21 19 days ago
👁️ 👁️ 👃 👄
Aurelio alaniz
Aurelio alaniz 21 day ago
Exodus 9 days ago
Aurelio alaniz
Aurelio alaniz 21 day ago
Amir Jafari
Amir Jafari 21 day ago
i dont think i would have realised it was milk until jj pointed it out
Paranoid Face
Paranoid Face 22 days ago
10:11 it's 'Iam feeling so good like fat man with a peng ting'
Sam Fritzlaff
Sam Fritzlaff 22 days ago
Who would’ve thought the most innocent and loveable girl would get bullied and harassed online, because she didn’t understand a joke... in a tinder video...
Havokidk 23 days ago
9:04 the moment of realization
Makarios Makarios
Makarios Makarios 18 days ago
I didn't get it ....
LuCy NataS
LuCy NataS 23 days ago
Yea not gonna lie some of the sidemen fans are such fucking hardcore simps they u can campare them with some of the toth twitch streamer simp fans like legit hardcore fucking simps 😂😂
KSI Clips
KSI Clips 23 days ago
hey guys! just started a new gaming channel, would mean a lot to me if you guys would take a look at some of the videos! and while you're there, drop a like and subscribe! THANK YOU! uslift.info/home/i-CILzUnCcH-vm5oR6BsoQ
Anderson Valencia C
At least lord fatneek has a better beard
Shizukaton 24 days ago
what song is that on 9.45
Michael Alert System
Sammy guevara theme song Take Flight
SyNc ,’ } Boi
SyNc ,’ } Boi 25 days ago
Lets take a moment to look at his ps5 in the back what a flex
IVB- YT 26 days ago
2:10 i am once and i am offended
: 0
: 0 26 days ago
if your watching the video rn pause it and go to 6:03 doesnt his hair look like pasta
Jxcob 26 days ago
Can Someone explain The part when he said "keep being positive" I Dint Get it
miarckk 26 days ago
👁 👁 👃 👄
priya singh
priya singh 20 days ago
Lips are not to the point
Blazer 27 days ago
dude quit spending ur money on funny shit and fix ur damm nose
Gashaev Trio
Gashaev Trio 28 days ago
5:35 , this is not true, this guy just used a app called PicsArt, that has that filter, jj just used money on some liar......
Ety Masood
Ety Masood 28 days ago
Let’s go just come to dewsebry
Pecha Michaele
Pecha Michaele 28 days ago
Black man
NoobMaster69 28 days ago
Sup nigga
Amir Omer
Amir Omer 28 days ago
Lil Gamer
Lil Gamer 29 days ago
EXport Gaming
EXport Gaming 29 days ago
As jj fans we respresent our love by bullying jj Fatneek.
yussra khalid
yussra khalid Month ago
Bru are you fucking coughing or laughing wtf
adoodlebug10 Month ago
Should of said keep being negative 😂
Gaara Month ago
Don’t diss Viks eyebrows at least he has them and a beard
XFlashStrikerX Month ago
Or what
Reisify Month ago
Jake Paul is the type of person to put sugar under his pillow and say he has sweet dreams
random guy3637
random guy3637 Month ago
8:20 which video is this please tell me
chunky runky
chunky runky Month ago
You might get asked this alot but why does your beard grow on your secondary chin and not your primary chi
Reo Willow
Reo Willow Month ago
Mohammad Elserfy
I love how JJ puts the video title on something that he spent like 1 min of the vid talking about
Skeet Life
Skeet Life Month ago
Nice reading
Alexander Maybry
You never got one clean hit on Logan. No respect from me.
Sanjevv Siva Dass
Yea it was Malaysian. And it was a girl not a guy
Ricegum is down BAD