Try Not To Laugh (Fail Edition) 

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Louise Andrei Tagacay Narag
1:31 haha daddo will do the dress-up
Lord Egg
Lord Egg 20 hours ago
I think that weed brownie guy got the placebo effect
Abhishek Sancheti
The living creature presumably rinse because disadvantage disappointingly afford pro a disgusting nitrogen. handy, gorgeous puffin
x x
x x Day ago
Forget it man, you'll never be Tyler zed!
Black Oni
Black Oni Day ago
We had a big ass basin...but it wasnt hot water....really it was sorta cold ...caribbean parents man
Crazy Alex 7667
Crazy Alex 7667 2 days ago
8:59 should put to Bulgaria
Sebastian 2 days ago
9:02 you lose my respect ...
thunder strike cloud 9
8:54 how could ya
Marika Ralovo
Marika Ralovo 3 days ago
Kids these days will never know "THE BUCKET"🤣
Jake Ballance
Jake Ballance 3 days ago
It should be try to not laugh with jj
Agunggde oka
Agunggde oka 3 days ago
Wade Iron Necklace
2:26 - 2:30
Jay Yaso
Jay Yaso 3 days ago
7:11 seven eleven coincidental time stamp
Masternoob Junior
Kathleen Hindley
Kathleen Hindley 4 days ago
Who was the guy for the prison
Taahir Gool
Taahir Gool 4 days ago
It’s funny how JJ laughs when nobody laughs and when he laughs for his own jokes lol😂😂😂
VLL Twitch
VLL Twitch 4 days ago
8:40 Turkey 😐
Kingsley Sim
Kingsley Sim 4 days ago
9:14 I don't understand tbh... someone explain tq
Erin Strother
Erin Strother 4 days ago
Wait are we not gonna talk about the giggle that he did at the beginning lol 😂
FaZe Freshツ
FaZe Freshツ 4 days ago
Why is he not verified thats the real question.
keyyfps 5 days ago
Hejumah 04
Hejumah 04 5 days ago
9:47 like how did he not see that coming lmao
Gurpreet Powar
Gurpreet Powar 5 days ago
Purple frog
Purple frog 6 days ago
I am baba and I like water
Saia Monu
Saia Monu 6 days ago
The gender reveal😂😂😂
r97 NeaL
r97 NeaL 6 days ago
Title: Try Not to Laugh Thumbnail: *picture of a guy suspected of killing children. What the hell is funny about that, JJ?
Asiya Abdulahi
Asiya Abdulahi 6 days ago
2:44 wtf ksi goddamn 😐 I can never unhear that
Maxime Germain
Maxime Germain 6 days ago
JJ: Welcome to a mes try not to laugh Also JJ: laughs at every single clip
Draco_rl 7 days ago
Try not to laugh more like watch a man laugh in the top left corner for 13 mins
Ylizx 7 days ago
KSI:laughing his ass of Me:Just watching
MohAOnly1 7 days ago
I used to fuckin cry when she did da
Just Angus 09 !
Just Angus 09 ! 7 days ago
Grandma moving mad
Elijah Ledezma
Elijah Ledezma 7 days ago
I remember the whole bucket thing
Klayx 7 days ago
7:00 placebo effect I think
mimi 7 days ago
if you're sexualizing your daugther that's horrible but before shes even born??? also that shows how much he doesn't respect women that he can only think of them sexually and not as a human being
mimi 7 days ago
@Vinith Karthek no i dont think i will vinith
Vinith Karthek
Vinith Karthek 7 days ago
shut up
Chrothium 8 days ago
1:11 hilarious
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight 8 days ago
Must be hard having a daughter in the era of onlyfans, tiktok/insta thots and what not.
zeno412 8 days ago
9:00 Ay yo im bulgarian and i know its not a well known country but how did that man think bulgarian was somehow in spain
jomama 8 days ago
“The first time i tried weed” jj taking after harrys footsteps
SinBlade 8 days ago
9:50 thats kinda sad cause he actually didn't do it
John Burger
John Burger 9 days ago
what if a blind person saw the first video
Itz Bronel ツ
Itz Bronel ツ 9 days ago
Jesus Christ loves you
Nathan Sword Lord
Enough time to beat Bryce Halls?
Otis Richards
Otis Richards 9 days ago
My mom youse to strangle me so I couldn't move
Mr-reaper 08
Mr-reaper 08 9 days ago
His mom scrubbed his hairline back 🤣🤣
Keepdreaming_420 9 days ago
3:52 song
Dragon Hot
Dragon Hot 9 days ago
It's funny that ksi says if he ever has a girl Jk he won't because he won't get married
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis 9 days ago
1a I
Harley Bradford
Harley Bradford 10 days ago
I’m not gonna lie your parents sound Like they abused you
Shrek 10 days ago
Shrek 10 days ago
helenandtel terry
helenandtel terry 10 days ago
JJ: I tried weed before The police watching the vid: hmmm🤔
Son Toby
Son Toby 10 days ago
“Burn out” - spend 20 mins a day watching
Raffi Ur mom
Raffi Ur mom 10 days ago
jj said he had weed before... CAUGHT IN 4K
Jose_Mata_Yt 10 days ago
rayan toumi
rayan toumi 10 days ago
Please where can i find the 1:30 meme ? hahaha
Angemosthated 10 days ago
6.9 m views nice
The Roblox Stranger Things ✔
The thing that Is so funny that bryce be saying that he's undefeated and he hasn't fought one fight right now or Won 😆
ber wollenberg
ber wollenberg 10 days ago
KSI got that knowledge on the flags
Xander Braspennincx
My man finally putted Belgium on the map🙏🏼❤
Dark_Clone-911 10 days ago
Tommy always made me laugh I just can't stand that child 😂😂
Josh 10 days ago
JJ said his mom scrubbed his head hard. So that's what happened to his hairline.
Elandre Conradie
Elandre Conradie 11 days ago
Ksi: “when I have a daughter y’all never gonna see her” Reddit: Awww... just don't trip and abort again..." Me : -_-
DC J 11 days ago
Ksi your daughter looking mad Leng
Mason Hogue
Mason Hogue 11 days ago
I need to stop watching these at work. Try not to burst out = equals blowing snot out my nose in the break room
David P
David P 11 days ago
I once read somewhere that dude who got sentenced to life was actually innocent and got out .. anyone know if thats true?
Restu aditya
Restu aditya 11 days ago
3:16 why is so dark, where is a lamp ?
Abde Jafari
Abde Jafari 11 days ago
My mum scrubbed me hard 😂😂😂
Josh W
Josh W 11 days ago
6.9 mil views 😏😏
Malek 11 days ago
BRO TC 11 days ago
neymadness Productions
Whats the guy who had a girl name ??
Maria Dolan
Maria Dolan 11 days ago
How old we gonna be when jj has a daughter I mean I’m not the type of guy to like them young 😳
Exodus 11 days ago
Menace to society
Clint Tyler
Clint Tyler 12 days ago
Why did my caption say Lord KSI whenever he started talking
Abdelrahman Sameh
Abdelrahman Sameh 12 days ago
im egyption and u got egypt wrong
Timothy Corrigan
Timothy Corrigan 12 days ago
You cant take us all at once
OMG 11:34 look Mauritius is my island
Arham Ubaid
Arham Ubaid 12 days ago
5:08 I legit thought they were jj's parents
Plasma 13 days ago
11:27 got me weezingggggg
Killerpro3200 13 days ago
I live in eggy
Apple Pie
Apple Pie 13 days ago
Frozen 247 YT
Frozen 247 YT 13 days ago
Please remember you cant crack a egg evertically
Din Mor
Din Mor 14 days ago
1:58 My mom said to me. If i was a girl she was gonna drown me
Kitana Kahn
Kitana Kahn 14 days ago
Don’t worry JJ if your daughter looks like you there wouldn’t be much to thirst over
Matetau Holani-Rowe
0:03 violation
Ezekiel M.
Ezekiel M. 14 days ago
2:45 literally dying
Shaden Shawll
Shaden Shawll 14 days ago
no no no no no like a great man once said boy or abortion?
Muske Man
Muske Man 14 days ago
Fail eddition.. i feel like I have seen this before
Caroline Alexander
Caroline Alexander 15 days ago
The left leaf ganguly spell because canvas arthroscopically extend until a rotten inventory. typical, shaggy traffic
Lilfry Gaming
Lilfry Gaming 15 days ago
#relatable being African
Sabre667 15 days ago
The weed brownie had me dying
Mr. JoE
Mr. JoE 15 days ago
8:50 I lose much brain cell in this video, i not write correct
Ez E
Ez E 15 days ago
The way the horse kicked him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Timothy O'Connor
Timothy O'Connor 15 days ago
same 4:18
DuoplayzBG 15 days ago
Of course he says egypt egy
Quantis Crespin
Quantis Crespin 15 days ago
bro almost died laughing
Myhno 15 days ago
im racist
Jurrasic Yt
Jurrasic Yt 15 days ago
JJ you legend you know belgium
Jordan kabzamalov
Jordan kabzamalov 15 days ago
8:53 i got offended