I Got Roasted In GTA V 

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Jan 25, 2021




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Jaden Fields
Jaden Fields 10 hours ago
He 5,10
Abdurrahman Khan
Abdurrahman Khan 21 hour ago
2021 I still just see a fatneek
Irvin Plays
Irvin Plays Day ago
wow almost all my friend are taller then JJ, and they are 15.
Brandon Romero
KSI- Has too many platinum records Rice gum- “sad rice gum noises”
XXX TENTACION 2 days ago
no they are just men
Saik .7
Saik .7 2 days ago
Qatar 3AROB
Qatar 3AROB 2 days ago
lol this is just fuuny ha ha
Fnrl_Virus 3 days ago
Old jj was better than the boring shy to get hyper jj I like old times he does it when no one asked him but now is more boring
Wik Stan
Wik Stan 7 days ago
Is anyone rewatching all the try not to laughs in 2025 Rip JJ 😭😭
W1ntx 6
W1ntx 6 7 days ago
I think i just noticed that ksi wears a bandana on his head to hide the size of his fore head
Must9 7 days ago
Hahahah have too much time to expose u hahahah😂😂😂😂
Sprix DK
Sprix DK 7 days ago
LiSmOx_xX 10 days ago
Ricegum lost subs lol
SoaR Duck
SoaR Duck 10 days ago
la lamborgini
jonas koering
jonas koering 11 days ago
Professional Gamer
Professional Gamer 11 days ago
KSI can you please use dark mode
elaine columbano
elaine columbano 12 days ago
The really love ft coprse was not really a feature cause it was him singing all the time be basically took the song
Deglanjies 69
Deglanjies 69 14 days ago
Damn dabi
Florin Safta
Florin Safta 16 days ago
JJ when is the length surgery 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
nikola垃圾 17 days ago
Bill Wall
Bill Wall 18 days ago
The quiet fairies adventitiously wail because horse clasically point absent a guiltless paul. gigantic, deafening mail
NaterTater 18 days ago
He never showed us the shoes :/
r҉e҉d҉h҉e҉a҉d҉e҉d҉ ҉ ҉p҉s҉y҉c҉h҉o҉
3:00 i'll be honest, i can't stand the voice of corpse... there, I said it...
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon 20 days ago
3:15 goes hard
CRN 23 days ago
The subtitles said wagwan
KSI Clips
KSI Clips 23 days ago
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rafan ahmad
rafan ahmad 26 days ago
SOLO Huh? 26 days ago
Gurtaaj Singh
Gurtaaj Singh 26 days ago
10:57 its final he is on drugs
Dudu Bajelidze
Dudu Bajelidze 28 days ago
Ksi is officially 5 foot 8
X2 JitteryAP
X2 JitteryAP 28 days ago
Is ksi 5 9ft?
SHUBHAM PATIL 25 days ago
No he's 5 11
bigreact youtube
bigreact youtube 29 days ago
I mean don't play is literally fire 🔥
Toxic 29 days ago
Jj gives Reddit platinum we give him platinum he helps us and we help him win win
SHAGYnonce gaming
Behind men 5:01
Jeeta johal
Jeeta johal Month ago
couple weeks till i move yeah 4 months later
andrew horvath
andrew horvath Month ago
ASK 21
ASK 21 Month ago
When tf is he moving
I_drop_legends Month ago
5 10
Tufu 90
Tufu 90 Month ago
Williamdaboss Month ago
13:17 I don't understand when did he move? His background is the exact same
Jesse Fierro
Jesse Fierro Month ago
get hyper
Aldi Muni
Aldi Muni Month ago
1:07 Got rid of that yee yee ass hair cut and grow some beard
Affaan Zeeshan
Affaan Zeeshan Month ago
bruh corpse is overrated lol
HamsterKeks Month ago
what messyourself would say to his stuff:british banta JJ:Litteraly singing of this historical masterpiece and thinks he is black jesus🤣
Sky Aidan Santos
. . . .
jack brian
jack brian Month ago
Spent hours painting: gets a plat Spent minute to edit a photo: gets a plat Artist: fam am I a joke to you?
Aiden T
Aiden T Month ago
16:35 suffering from success
Dodger smith
Dodger smith Month ago
i dony count bc i just started watching his music 2/3 months ago
zDxcky Month ago
Vasant Patil
Vasant Patil Month ago
12:57 Genuine Anger Chill Bro
Alex Cromer
Alex Cromer Month ago
KSI corpse collab?
Caden Harvey
Caden Harvey Month ago
Well, currently Ricegum has 10.4 million and Sidemen has more than 11 million sooo, I consider that a sign that ricegum should leave yt
Amir Ali Haidari
Karan 11gm
Karan 11gm Month ago
Get fucking hyper
Ian Leo
Ian Leo Month ago
Wait I’m confused, JJ said he’s moving but he’s literally in the same house at this point? Or did he move out temporarily?
Dominic DeGuzman
Get hyper
Reuben Colaco
Reuben Colaco Month ago
does babatunde even read comments
Cheetah 41
Cheetah 41 Month ago
He hasn’t shown those shoes yet, well as far as I know
Mz Gonzalez
Mz Gonzalez Month ago
Corpse would be good in a rock band note fact his f****** voice deep as f*** my opinion
Uncle Month ago
I like how Toby is taller then JJ
Devastators Army
I want Mo to do a funny edit to start the video DFA Digital Fatneek Animations see what I did there yeah
Devastators Army
The Sidecrew Randolph Jme Calfreezy and the other guys The Sidecrew
alan Wilder
alan Wilder Month ago
Somone tell the reddit he said he would do a public interview after the quarantine
Basel Alkaber
Basel Alkaber Month ago
For anyone that lives in Jordan did you hear the beginning music yeah it's the talabat
Michael Spagnolo
Swimming Pool Guru
Swimming Pool Guru
i am 7
xx_Nishal_xx Month ago
7:37 well... that didnt age well
Chloe Toomer
Chloe Toomer Month ago
Wait why does the corpse remix hit hard tho 😦🤭
Baron Edwards
Baron Edwards Month ago
10:45 When you have too much time on your hands #thankyoumo
Ares Halstad
Ares Halstad 2 months ago
I love his laugh 😂🤣😂
Ladioz 2 months ago
where is the GTA V clip, as if im gonna sit through a 20 min video lmao
MLP Shawn
MLP Shawn 2 months ago
9:19 most genuine "fuck you"😂😂
Element 2 months ago
sooo JJ’s real height is 5’10 not even 5’11 ????
Element 2 months ago
please make this pop up on JJ’s reddit 🙏
SushantBelvalkar 2 months ago
Struggling with Success!😂😂
Jesse Nelson
Jesse Nelson 2 months ago
We all no what Harry said Chinese n*****
Noah Anderson
Noah Anderson 2 months ago
spelt imma rong
kyle mcmillan
kyle mcmillan 2 months ago
Jake saw this and told conner McGregor only boxing not mma😂💀
TKOgamer 2339
TKOgamer 2339 2 months ago
skrbblr 2 months ago
Ang op naman iyan UwU
Debt Clout
Debt Clout 2 months ago
Guys u gotta relax with the insults to jj he might get depressed
Dheksa 015
Dheksa 015 2 months ago
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KUSH 69 2 months ago
6:44 bruh we both have the same laptop
Marcos Martínez
Marcos Martínez 2 months ago
Man, that Lamar roasted Franklin in GTA V meme really got an unlimited potential. Even JJ haircut isn't safe.
kyle tyler
kyle tyler 2 months ago
quick speech if you not hype get the fuck of the video man
fusionXcam 2 months ago
bruh google says he is 6 foot
World Ernst Joseph
World Ernst Joseph 2 months ago
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Gen Z
Gen Z 2 months ago
Dude you are set!
Mayuri 2 months ago
4:50 I hope for a sax guy 2 when the pandemic is gone
man smash
man smash 2 months ago
No more getting hyperrrrr
Harvey Hancock
Harvey Hancock 2 months ago
Lamar singing the n word is the best line in gta v
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith 2 months ago
we need pewdiepie to tell him to get hyper
Bryan Mendoza
Bryan Mendoza 2 months ago
Ksi can you do a 10 For 10 song you and jake if you can
Benjamin Navarrete
Benjamin Navarrete 2 months ago
Has the plaques but not the shoes
ALBANIA BLUD 2 months ago
Man said is 2020 uno you done out here cuzz
SAITAMA 2 months ago
Franklin is 6'3 Lamar's is 6'7
Walid Salhi
Walid Salhi 2 months ago
Jesus its 2020, its 2021! Hahahaha
"How To Be KSI"
Ricegum is down BAD