Why I Left Twitter 

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Mar 28, 2021




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Markus Beaumonte
This aged well
Reo Willow
Reo Willow Day ago
Zidan Mozumder
Zidan Mozumder 2 days ago
Twitter is honestly the worst platform and is full of disgusting people who are just a plague on society.
Harshh Gupta
Harshh Gupta 3 days ago
Twitter is shit
Minty Art
Minty Art 6 days ago
feararcc 6 days ago
Kolopi 6 days ago
FPGA For Beginners
i just came here to see the toy car he ordered for his hamsters in the last video
Shikharshubba Battlefusionclan
It's not twitter or tiktok or any other app. It's always people.
Nepals 8 days ago
Aged like milk
Junnie Dad
Junnie Dad 8 days ago
Old top gear and new grand tour
EDISON DENG 8 days ago
a wise man once said you can't cancel someone who doesn't care
ZFare 9 days ago
"Twitch is fun" aged like milk
h 6 hours ago
Why? Want happened?
Idk 10 days ago
Ksi: I don’t mind Twitter Everyone: we don’t mind it either Ksi: imma leave Twitter Everyone: good choice, fuck twitter
Rakha Yasmin
Rakha Yasmin 10 days ago
*Ksi In the past would you rather choices, would you rather give up Instagram Or twitter?* *Ksi Gives Up Instagram for twitter* *Also Ksi Talks Trash about twitter and says Instagram is Dope* Me: Bruuuuuuhhhhhhhhh
SirTunde 10 days ago
Bad vibe ksi
Nikita Gloukhovtchenko
“The cancel culture shit”. Oh yeah, Jj?
Porter Rinaldi
Porter Rinaldi 11 days ago
Connor Maguire
Connor Maguire 15 days ago
18:46 or you could get hyper?
Kuutie 07
Kuutie 07 16 days ago
The hamster race was one a highlight of the video
Mr Din
Mr Din 17 days ago
Good man 🙂
Munch Punch
Munch Punch 21 day ago
I muted a lot of shit on Twitter and my tl has been straight comedy ever since lol
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 22 days ago
Shiranda Williams
Shiranda Williams 23 days ago
If anything Corona would extend summer vacation 😂
Jonathan Dario
Jonathan Dario 16 days ago
and killed alot of people
KSI Clips
KSI Clips 23 days ago
hey guys! just started a new gaming channel, would mean a lot to me if you guys would take a look at some of the videos! and while you're there, drop a like and subscribe! THANK YOU! uslift.info/home/i-CILzUnCcH-vm5oR6BsoQ
Serotoninnnnnnn 24 days ago
I had my vaccin yesterday and my arms swollen and hurts real bad, I can’t do anything but Neo and Morpheus race make me laugh so hard I cried. Thank you so much for making us laugh!
InscepT 25 days ago
Well, That was a fucking lie
Plumb-it Installations
What is your intro bro? Ksi legit mbt? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Plumb-it Installations
@taner cheers, Toya. At one point I thought it was ksi lgbtq 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣😂
taner 18 days ago
„yo wassup its your boy ksi olajide bt“
Handsome Stewie Griffin
"Mom jj's making a diss track on me" 😂😂😂😂😂
Asta. Month ago
That squidward jj should’ve had monstrosity ahead for a title
well that was a fucking lie
Nice and easy win against neo
GudGuy27 Month ago
Well that didn't age well
Abdi Mahamed
Abdi Mahamed Month ago
Why’d he say neeko at 13:00
FatalCrAcK Month ago
Joseph Simmons III
Nice video really good
TRASHTTV Month ago
Isis has a Twitter account and hasn’t been canceled
Y0za Month ago
What about Tumblr?
Martial Artist92
Florenzo29 Month ago
Wow KSI has been holding that mug half of he vid
Jinzo TV
Jinzo TV Month ago
Feel you man twitter is like a toxic relationship, reddit is better xD
Vreekarei Oda
Vreekarei Oda Month ago
I just wanted to express my thoughts here. Recently, I opened a Twitter account to support a band that I have been supporting silently. It's because the votings will be counted through Twitter, but of course, before the event starts, we have engagements with others in the fandom.. and I was certainly reminded WHY I left social media for 2 years at the first place. You will definitely feel small and you will get trapped in the need for validation. There was a time wherein we posted theories on the upcoming songs, and I just felt bad that no one noticed my ideas, whereas those bigass accounts shared theirs, even though they're nonsense get the most views, RTs. I feel so frustrated and disappointed.
mouses_pop Month ago
nice vid subscibe to JJ Olatunji and ksi
Paige Van Beek
Paige Van Beek Month ago
Ngl youtube starting cancel culture. I mean markiplier got a strike for the stupidest shit.
shakur Imad
shakur Imad Month ago
Arya Jaeger
Arya Jaeger Month ago
Even Pornhub is not as bad as the Blue Toxic Bird...
Extra Fish
Extra Fish 16 days ago
Pornhub is kinda lit (no cap, it is even my brothers 3rd home .>.)
Arfan Syazwan
Arfan Syazwan Month ago
Twitter should have some moderation over false cancel culture
Marcus Clarke
Marcus Clarke Month ago
So often now that as soon as your accused of something that's it your fucked on twitter
Bloodyheaders Month ago
Twitter tried to cancel freddie gibbs im done
Tricky Life
Tricky Life Month ago
Morpheus : Makes a Comeback Neo : *Just comes back*
Melissa Perez
Melissa Perez 22 days ago
Phole Rathebe
Phole Rathebe Month ago
We want fwb's in your performance
Anime Whatever
Anime Whatever Month ago
this is so true bro literally any community no matter what its about twitter will find a way to complain about it
Lonely Sunset
Lonely Sunset Month ago
JJ: let me put a trigger warning on that .. Ad: ✨HBO max..✨
Rottie don
Rottie don Month ago
Sonicfire754 Month ago
14:10 this was worth a Ternion All-Powerful Award
Knee Grow
Knee Grow Month ago
That one didn't age well.
luke morton
luke morton Month ago
ksi talking about twitter being toxic and ripping him off for every mistake: ksi going to his reddit page like:🤡
Harryboi 64
Harryboi 64 Month ago
Looks like he’s back on Twitter though 😆
I GoLD GinGY090 I
He came back once for niko
Abad03 Month ago
how dare you talk about question marks when some kids are getting beat with clothing hangers. disliked.
Wavie Month ago
SSJ Hokage!
SSJ Hokage! Month ago
CoZeXC Month ago
If you guys are trying to find the neo and morpheus rematch here 7:30 You're very welcome
Moahmed Allam
Moahmed Allam Month ago
*LMAO* at the way ha said delicious... Delacios 7:19
simon gardiner
simon gardiner Month ago
Ha ha ha ha
B L A C K _ W·D·A
4:45 Did He Said Astaxfruallah ? 😂
Jamie Month ago
Twitter genuinely has you thinking everyone's an arsehole. I've had about 15 accounts. I'm gonna have to jump on reddit or something, I don't do much social media because of reasons like I said about twitter
Kyler Thomas
Kyler Thomas Month ago
? Beat
Valon Velija
Valon Velija Month ago
In 120 hours you can either - Finish Persona 5, The Witcher, pretty much all Final Fantasys - Fail your driver's license likes 3 times Or do a video of every JJ's character to get like 20 seconds in his reddit video
Adz23 Month ago
Lockys A sweat
Lockys A sweat Month ago
Twitter watching this.......
C4L3B _
C4L3B _ Month ago
Another reason he left: He got out-ratio by Tommy...
I GoLD GinGY090 I
Nope try again
Amaan ahmed
Amaan ahmed Month ago
JJ don't read his comments
Amaan ahmed
Amaan ahmed Month ago
Avocad h2o
Avocad h2o Month ago
thank fucking God he didn't say tiktok when he was listing good apps
Kaitlin Graceffa
Warrior Fire
Warrior Fire Month ago
This s guy what a legend he can make something pretty serious have some jokes to make people see brighter days
Nemesis- P
Nemesis- P Month ago
Ksi Vs Jake 👇🏼 Petition
UKDrillManic ☑
KSI: breathes Twitter: and I took that personally...
Michael Armstrong
Ksi fam be spitting facts about twitter
Shant Ingilizian
Nobody cares
No Name
No Name Month ago
And life is great again
He said Reddit is OP lmaoo
Zielleeeeelala Month ago
KSI is spitting facts
Slack Starfish81
Imma be real, I despise Jake Paul, but I saw the win coming from a mile away. Ben Askren just legitimately didn’t care, even in press. Dudes got a dad bod and wore flip flops😂 I mean he clearly just did it for the bread. Clearly didn’t train much at all. At least in my opinion, Jake still hasn’t fought a very worthy opponent. I mean deji was literally a better boxer than Ben. Ksi even could tell Jake was probably gonna win
Night Sketch
Night Sketch Month ago
Damn, Ben just lost faster then gib.. dumb ref.. Ben still had it in him,... KSI.. you know what do to.. that's all I'm gonna say.
Nina Bina
Nina Bina Month ago
Instagram and tiktok are bad too. It’s not even Twitter anymore
Rion Gaming
Rion Gaming Month ago
THIS RELATES TO SOUTH PARK The story of Eric and hedei getting together
Chris Morris
Chris Morris Month ago
Getting rid of Facebook and Twitter last year was the best choice I've ever made :)
Luna Impact
Luna Impact Month ago
-_- boablo -_-
-_- boablo -_- Month ago
Pov: you checked to see if he’s verified
LK Mamaril
LK Mamaril Month ago
Penny Theobald
Penny Theobald Month ago
This vid is 100% facts but are we not gonna talk about how in the sidemen would you rather back in January 2020 JJ agreed with Ethan and Ethan said “ Twitter is undefeated” then JJ said to that “Yeah” how the tables turn 😂😂
Suhaimi Hadi
Suhaimi Hadi Month ago
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thotslayer Month ago
They’re gonna start cancelling bicycles soon because it’s somehow offensive to disabled people
CODED Month ago
Finally! You dont need twitter
griffin p
griffin p Month ago
It’s really not that hard to say a slur
Perry Wyse
Perry Wyse Month ago
Fun fact: you only saw KSI sip once in this video
metadr0n13 Month ago
Yo JJ if you like crypto and Nfts you should definitely check out Ecomi (OMI) and their app VeVe. OMI IS MY HOMIE 🚀🚀🚀
Fcuk Twitter
Oof Month ago
I'm late and a bit off topic. So I'm more of an Instagram guy. Basically i thought that Instagram are cancerous and toxic. That was until i used Twitter. I'm a football fan, so my team just lost a match (Dortmund vs City). In Instagram, most of the comments/posts are Bayern or City fans complimenting our team, class act (there's still toxic people tho). While in Twitter, fucking hell, a player from Dortmund (Bellingham) being mocked for no reason by City fans. Like wtf man, what is your purpose
Joshuaofjoshuas 17
as a city fan i apologise lol u did cause us more problems then psg
Ending it all
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