So It's Actually Happening... 

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May 2, 2021




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Zack Wotherspoon
Zack Wotherspoon 16 minutes ago
Bro I swear Logan couldn't beat Kai How the fuck does he think he can beat Mayweather Logan just can't stay away from suicide
Zack Wotherspoon
Zack Wotherspoon 15 minutes ago
Musa Muneer
Musa Muneer Hour ago
Logan Paul technically won the fight
Anas wajih
Anas wajih 10 hours ago
NAH ! Day ago
lets goo... got a cr7 fan
Clips4u00 Day ago
The mirror won
syndicate 2 days ago
So it actually happened
Jack Paris
Jack Paris 4 days ago
So it has actually happened
Louisa Bridge
Louisa Bridge 4 days ago
Bean 4 days ago
Anyone here after the fight?
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor 2 days ago
Not Qtip
Not Qtip 4 days ago
We all here after the fight?
Skyler Barker
Skyler Barker 5 days ago
Not gonna lie Logan would probably beat yo ass now
Noryzc 4 days ago
lol no just because Logan didn't get knocked out by Floyd doesn't mean Logan's gonna drop JJ, Floyd and Logan got the bag its all for money and clout.
Fight was scored by 79-73 by one person 76-74 by another both for Mayweather but they both made bank and im impressed Logan didn't get dropped even tho he clenched for dear life
mosy 5 days ago
We all knew who was going to win
issy 5 days ago
If anyone is seeing this stay safe and stay wealthy.
LegendShadowsZz 5 days ago
So I think we can conclude that the Logan V Mayweather fight was indeed a scam of money to keep Logan from bankruptcy and try to make him more ‘relevant’.
Austin Blake Chandler
I had to come back to this video after tonight’s fight and say I wanna fight any Paul brother their is
Lucas Sam Khammar
POV: you're here when they tied
k0bold 5 days ago
It was like watching 2 Teletubbies hug for 3 rounds just disappointing
Gonemba 5 days ago
Who's here after the fight?
Bro, I'm glad I ain't pay $50 for that bs
PetrolCentral 5 days ago
Well, I'm first here after the fight...
Ghost 5 days ago
ypc danielll
ypc danielll 5 days ago
i lowkey thoughts dora started off the video
Jeffy Paul
Jeffy Paul 6 days ago
It’s tomorrow….
Ninja Meny
Ninja Meny 6 days ago
On july 16 is my birthday
Lil_Cereal 6 days ago
KSI hablando español que raro anda el mundo.
shreesh.s. katti
shreesh.s. katti 6 days ago
Ffs those hamsters are eating better food than me😪😤
Jay Qwon
Jay Qwon 6 days ago
u legit sound like a dbz character lol
이상윤 6 days ago
I'm so disappointed that he is Ronaldo's fan, not Messi.
Gulam Mustafa
Gulam Mustafa 6 days ago
@Nicholas Siewsankar ok kid
Nicholas Siewsankar
@Gulam Mustafa ok kid
Gulam Mustafa
Gulam Mustafa 6 days ago
Why do you only have to like one of them. I am a fan of both lol.
Nicholas Siewsankar
Reilly Mare
Reilly Mare 6 days ago
The unedited JJ had me dead😂
Itz Pingo
Itz Pingo 6 days ago
Does jj have baby soap in his bathroom?
Edits 6 days ago
I dont get the meme at 9:26
Edits 4 days ago
@King Dodge Arcane ik what 9/11 is i was just being dyslexic 😂
King Dodge Arcane
@Edits Lol. I'm English. If you're young then you may be forgiven.
Edits 4 days ago
@King Dodge Arcane yes im just dumb i get it now
Edits 4 days ago
@K_venom omg im a moron thank u💀😂
King Dodge Arcane
are you american
Edits 6 days ago
3k dislikes is all Logan paul
JafraHowl music
JafraHowl music 7 days ago
10:55 I enjoyed that a lot !
1 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2069?
Welcome to Baldski Airport -u/THEGAMINGHOUSEYT | May 4th, 2021
1 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2069?
6:10 Our new favorite timestamp
Coby Kerr
Coby Kerr 7 days ago
Some guy named polo G whoever made that stupid ass meme knows nothing about current rap or quality rap
V 9
V 9 7 days ago
Love JJ. But Jake Paul will light his ass up in a boxing ring bruh 😂
Macleran 7 days ago
You should do a video of trying to speak Spanish for 24 hours
Jon Low
Jon Low 7 days ago
Go to 7:13 put the speed in 0.25x and watch wt jj is looking for on google 😏
Engli Stafa
Engli Stafa 7 days ago
July 16th is my birthday
uni 7 days ago
I'm sorry what, February the 25th? 00:36
Jung Hoseok
Jung Hoseok 7 days ago
4:02 - D-2 Agust D is third 😊
XxLouisxX 7 days ago
Bro Logan lost from 2 points and he lost to you 2 years ago he’s been training everyday since then people get better sped and Floyd hasn’t fought in 4 years your dumb asf
Hexagon Enterprises
CHACE 8 days ago
If Logan wins that makes Ksi the goat of boxing
PRONICA gaming
PRONICA gaming 8 days ago
I think logan has a chance
Adeeb Sulimany
Adeeb Sulimany 8 days ago
Joshua Chavez
Joshua Chavez 8 days ago
As a Spanish man I am so offended that like. Damn how do people get offended on anything shits hard asf
Dawood Tel
Dawood Tel 8 days ago
Try not to laugh too much ur fkin weird that weird laugh
Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind 8 days ago
So if Logan wins your the best boxer of all time?
Chaudhry Raheem
Chaudhry Raheem 8 days ago
Logon is dead
ITS BK_ART 8 days ago
JESUS IS LORD..... mermaid JJ has to be the best thing I've seen in ages 🤣🤣🤣😭
SUPsupreme 8 days ago
jake is dead
BLYL BLOOMY 8 days ago
MahsrA Mark
MahsrA Mark 9 days ago
My birthday is on 16th of july 😅😅
berzerksol 9 days ago
he lost to you and he thinks he can beat one of the best boxers of all time damn goof
Aesthetics With Charlotte
0:00 The only reason why I watch this man’s content…
jthinkle89 9 days ago
Ummmmmmmmmmmm the mirror actually won
BShep 9 days ago
why did this part happy when i was driking soda 7:40
Mitchel Atkins
Mitchel Atkins 9 days ago
so, February the 25th, 2021... bit of a problem here I think....???
BShep 9 days ago
it is june 2
Mitchel Atkins
Mitchel Atkins 9 days ago
@BShep That's todays date...?
BShep 9 days ago
june 6th
salvador cortes
salvador cortes 9 days ago
my respect for JJ after saying he's a Ronaldo fan📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈
Alex's Reviews
Alex's Reviews 9 days ago
Mo's amazing
Puff 9 days ago
Your concert is on my bday!😂😂
sperezt 9 days ago
Hispanic jj
Josue Moreno
Josue Moreno 10 days ago
Logan Paul can win
Agustín González
Agustín González 10 days ago
Entendi los primeros 13 segundos🦖 Soy Argentino 😎😎😎
WotYouDoooin 10 days ago
Ksi is performing at Wembley a day before my birthday damn
Tcx _turbid
Tcx _turbid 10 days ago
Yessir he dropping a album a day after my birthday
Yeakob Assema
Yeakob Assema 10 days ago
JJ being inspired by chunkz
Ashish Goel
Ashish Goel 10 days ago
Jealous of Logan ?
Ben Bollivar
Ben Bollivar 11 days ago
JJ, the meme abt Rock Paper Scissors is that it would be a ghost and Ethan’s face looked like he was scared of something
Vincent De La Terre
If I’m not mistaken, Logan could have won against KSI if he didn’t do that unnecessary backhead punch right?
Vincent De La Terre
@TheWhispererTwd k
TheWhispererTwd 10 days ago
@Vincent De La Terre guess so then, honestly I think JJ deserved it more, he put his heart into it, Logan just jabbed and didn't wanna get hurt
Vincent De La Terre
@TheWhispererTwd but matpat said he'd gain 2 points which would pass the draw mark and make him win
TheWhispererTwd 10 days ago
@Vincent De La Terre but if we are just talking about Logan knock down I think it would of been a. Draw again
Vincent De La Terre
@TheWhispererTwd oh ok then
GweenBeChillin 11 days ago
Tbh but yo 4head ain't look dat big no more
Edit Name
Edit Name 11 days ago
13:38 bruv I think u forgot your rich and after that it says your Bearus chain costs more than a Lamborghini
chote detective
chote detective 11 days ago
Oooo.ma legend man😁
Nathaliën Boelijn
Nathaliën Boelijn 11 days ago
8:27 hoooodeeee 🤣🤣🤣
Ot. Guwap
Ot. Guwap 11 days ago
6:48 ksi: dont include this..... dont make me look like a fucking idiot lmfao MO :"UR NOT DA EDITOR":
Ditake Sekhakhu
Ditake Sekhakhu 11 days ago
Is it me or jj ps5 is on
DB AK03 12 days ago
I am sorry for jj its really a big forhead😪
DB AK03 12 days ago
That mermaid 🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥🔥
MonMon 12 days ago
I love you Mo
O Gamer
O Gamer 13 days ago
has a Mexican you did great at speaking Spanish
Gun Ninja
Gun Ninja 13 days ago
8:43 that's a blursed image right there
Ninja Shoyo
Ninja Shoyo 13 days ago
JJ should root for Logan Cos if he beats Mayweather Then JJ beats Mayweather 😅
OK. 11 days ago
@Ninja Shoyo agreed. Thanks dear
Ninja Shoyo
Ninja Shoyo 11 days ago
@OK. ik Just saying that no matter what happens jj looks good lol
OK. 11 days ago
He's not gonna win lol
Ninja Shoyo
Ninja Shoyo 13 days ago
16th July is my birthday 😂😂0:26
Remington Widmer
Remington Widmer 13 days ago
8:42 I just about died.
Eric cano
Eric cano 13 days ago
7:13 Sidemen mermaid girl😂😂😂
Savinroo Sooriyage
Savinroo Sooriyage 13 days ago
“when I WAS fat” ?????????????
Xavier Gonzales
Xavier Gonzales 13 days ago
Yea I think it’s time to go back to being bald jj
Ephraim Vincent
Ephraim Vincent 13 days ago
his got the ps 5
Chidubem Duruibe
Chidubem Duruibe 13 days ago
Jesus loves you guys!
JYT_MiNi06 13 days ago
I'm waiting for the ksi diss track from mo
D1DAN 610
D1DAN 610 13 days ago
12:53 *laughs* than says “oh nah come on guys thats racist” 😂
Stoneage Revolt
Stoneage Revolt 14 days ago
Among Us
Among Us 14 days ago
12:36 apparently google says Logan has a 12% chance of winning
Kenpachi Zarachi
Kenpachi Zarachi 14 days ago
Hola, como estas JJ?
Carlos Cruz Vargas
Carlos Cruz Vargas 14 days ago
eyyyy my birth day is july 16th the day the album drops " p o g"
jai crui
jai crui 14 days ago
as a mexican jj is now the ruler of spanish
Progamertv 14 days ago
Here's the truth ben askren has iron chin ends in round 1 goes against a athletic fast guy and still wins logan beat ksi and get to fight floyd mayweather sounds good to me.
Fight Me
Fight Me 14 days ago
I Took An L Here...