This Youtube Vs TikTok Boxing Event is... 

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Mar 23, 2021




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Adin McIntyre
Adin McIntyre Hour ago
Deji better win
Bayron davila
Bayron davila Hour ago
Echo 4 hours ago
Is what
Sharo 5 hours ago
Theo on ipad
Theo on ipad 8 hours ago
Ayy Theodore πŸ€”
Tariq Mohsin
Tariq Mohsin 11 hours ago
just let neo sleep bro
Jeon Junquan
Jeon Junquan 12 hours ago
The beginning with the hamsters racing in the pink cars was so freaking cute I couldn’t stop uwuing
jordan uno
jordan uno 16 hours ago
I love how he just accepts defeat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŸπŸ˜‚
High Tek gamerzz
High Tek gamerzz 17 hours ago
Bro if you really think Bryce hall is beating KSiI your an idiotπŸ˜’πŸ’€
High Tek gamerzz
High Tek gamerzz 3 hours ago
A lot of people say Bryce hall is winning what a bunch of clowns 🀑
PantherX 12 hours ago
who said that
The Necromancer
The Necromancer 22 hours ago
And yes I think the tiktokers are gonna win
The Necromancer
The Necromancer 22 hours ago
No offence but if you and Bryce box Bryce is gonna kick your ass and Austin mcshits ass too
babygirl. Jennifer
babygirl. Jennifer 21 hour ago
he most def won’t kick his ass πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Void 23 hours ago
uslift.info/one/YJy4t5GtrKx1uag/video.html btw jj u are the best
Gilma Alvarado
How do you not know who danny Duncan is bro!!!!????? He's a fucking Legend
Alowhen Day ago
neo and morpheuos? the mATrix?
Liviejoyl Day ago
Are...are the straight men okay?
Raman Mirkhan
Raman Mirkhan 2 days ago
OMG. you. god. so. you. good. yes. or. no. good
Memessniperxx 2 days ago
12:52 pause in this face The movie:the thumbnail same as the face The movie called fish lord (3percent Deji will be turn to that next week)
Professional Gamer
Hey JJ thankyou so much your videos helped me smile again when I was in depression for some days big respect to you❀️πŸ”₯
Shayla Butler
Shayla Butler 2 days ago
3:27 tobi looks like my cousin
Sebastian 2 days ago
Micah Pierre
Micah Pierre 3 days ago
ksi will beat the hell out of bryce hall
Pizza Pizza
Pizza Pizza 3 days ago
Don Bartolome
Don Bartolome 4 days ago
Wait, KSI is actually quarter Japanese?
Kameron Romero
Kameron Romero 4 days ago
I mean the TikTokers are USliftrs and the USliftrs are TikTokers so what’s the problem
I am The spy
I am The spy 4 days ago
Tap here to see if your smart If you tapped here your not
Rajarshi Chakraborty
Neo is a true sidemen
I hope Danny Duncan fights Charli d'amelio because i want to see that female get knocked out by danny
capt jimz
capt jimz 6 days ago
Boxing turned into a complete joke lately.... Logan vs Mayweather, askren vs jake, wtf happened to professional pro boxing??
Eli Gutry
Eli Gutry 6 days ago
Like USlift comment tiktok
FPGA For Beginners
i just came here to those cars , from previous video. and that's dope
Mark the blip
Mark the blip 6 days ago
IVI4I_IR0 7 days ago
Domenik Rivera
Domenik Rivera 7 days ago
1:05 can we just talk abt his shirt lol
Itz_Gacha_ Pastel Official backup
I do NOT know this I don't think I will not watch it
A Nadeem
A Nadeem 7 days ago
oh man its a lost cause lollllllllllllllll
Michael Sartore
Michael Sartore 7 days ago
JJ and pewdipie is team redit
illaoi tentacle
illaoi tentacle 7 days ago
you just put smiles on peoples faces brother much respect to your aura/vibe!
Yosr Ben Ghazela
Yosr Ben Ghazela 7 days ago
a week and deji wins aha
poppy cresswell
poppy cresswell 7 days ago
8:25 TEAM USlift!!!
odleyodles 7 days ago
Do another boxing tier list
Amina Tarique
Amina Tarique 8 days ago
Gib and Deji saved this conference, the only 2 people who wasn't their in person did the most damage lol
Butt Cheek Slayer
It baffles me that this is happening
Sulthan Arya
Sulthan Arya 8 days ago
According to Viddal, Deji has more talent in boxing than KSI but he just lack to train back then.
john edwards
john edwards 8 days ago
i love yungblod
Pepisgaming 9 days ago
He has a ps5????
Samir Mehta
Samir Mehta 9 days ago
We got to thank jj for making boxing such a big thing in the past two years
KJA 9 days ago
im livestreaming the fights on yt (watch party) make sure u sub and turn on the noti bell
Pepisgaming 9 days ago
REVOKS FN 9 days ago
Ksi ...this is not a sick card you have lost my respect
River Zabriskie
River Zabriskie 9 days ago
Wait no way i did not know dannys fighting someone
Unknowngod YT
Unknowngod YT 9 days ago
BRYCE HALL is on steroids
Carl Haddad
Carl Haddad 9 days ago
Yo jj or ksi lol love ur vidoes❀️🀣
G0tcha 10 days ago
Idk if this is actually a thing going on I got USlift all the way
Crozion 10 days ago
salma muqtar
salma muqtar 10 days ago
the car tho sheeesh drip
Finboy21 10 days ago
JJ missed a big if when talking about deji, he’ll win if he doesn’t take edibles
Lane Livingstonn
Lane Livingstonn 10 days ago
How does KSI not know who Danny Duncan is like what?!
ButHer Face
ButHer Face 10 days ago
The ambitious australian ideally record because second aerobically intend over a sweet editorial. highfalutin, old-fashioned rock
brick beast
brick beast 10 days ago
Jennifer Cost
Jennifer Cost 10 days ago
I say ksi vs Taylor holder
Noob Vibes
Noob Vibes 10 days ago
my dude put the black and white 10:30
Mark Samm
Mark Samm 10 days ago
Whoever KSI is associated with it’s just going to get dog crapped on and bullied let’s just get that out of the way
Evert Γ–stborg
Evert Γ–stborg 10 days ago
He should know Michael Le, aka just maiko. He’s nice and should win
Team Scavenger
Team Scavenger 10 days ago
Deji winning n black people
Connor Kinsley
Connor Kinsley 10 days ago
Even off brand JJ has a better beard
Connor Kinsley
Connor Kinsley 10 days ago
Major disappointment when JJ said he didn’t know Danny Duncan
brenee harrison
brenee harrison 10 days ago
Im most deff a team youtube🀣🀣
SCuFF3D_FanTuM 11 days ago
I think JJ should be in the you pick USliftr sideπŸ‘
syed Moiz
syed Moiz 11 days ago
Deji- who's slim in the press conference of USlift Vs tiktok Ksi (aka deji's big bro) - gib should fight slim Conclusion - fousey was right about weird play by deji
ENGLE 360 11 days ago
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hello Viewer
hello Viewer 11 days ago
Bryce hall : "ill slap you cause I fight and throw it back like a thot" Also Bryce hall: trys his best to throw a jab but still end up slapping with no power.
Bighead B
Bighead B 11 days ago
What made me think that was 4 cars....damn mirror😭
Alyzae KanihoAgustin
Not being fucked up or anything but half of the tiktoks that are going to fight don't even know how to fight, I know that Tayler and Bryce know how to fight but the other one I'm not to sure they know how to fight. Now with the you tubers I have never seen any of them fight before so i don't even know if they are good or not or will even they fight, but overall good luck to all of them hope they do good
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 11 days ago
Jesus Christ is king
Inferno K7ng 11
Inferno K7ng 11 11 days ago
Is polo g bout to sing some opera or sumin
that one memer
that one memer 12 days ago
Leah Daynes
Leah Daynes 12 days ago
He’s a USliftr with millions of subscribers, he’s a rapper/singer with top hits he’s a boxer with thousands/millions of viewers.......Bryce hall...... a tik toker
SYAIFUL SLAYER 12 days ago
Why aren’t going plz why cant you go :(
Kazekitaki 12 days ago
Bro fuck tiktokers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Celestial Havoxx
Celestial Havoxx 12 days ago
Never unliked 1 video of JJ but will unlike because of 5:48 , Never do that my bro .... ever
DynamiteECP 13 days ago
I never thought that i would dislike someone more than Jake Paul and then i heard about Bryce Hall..
Ahmed Kamal
Ahmed Kamal 13 days ago
Deji biutta slap his ass
FaZe Rage
FaZe Rage 13 days ago
Wait cant you train your brother
Connor Shaw
Connor Shaw 13 days ago
Yo Dejis fighting on my birthday
Dawg_ Pound32
Dawg_ Pound32 13 days ago
JJ doesn’t even know who Danny Duncan is
Chidubem Duruibe
Chidubem Duruibe 13 days ago
Jesus loves you guys!
KoolestKidKrisha Gaming
While I was watching this my grandma came in and told me to turn the volume down when the volume was at 5 (Goes to show how loud JJ can be)
Adreen mohamad Elman
Tell deji to practise with u....couse u king of fight
Kikk Dev
Kikk Dev 14 days ago
I love tiktok USlift
Tonasky -
Tonasky - 14 days ago
1:46 what's even the context behind that image?
Umar Shahid
Umar Shahid 14 days ago
*yoUrE fAt*
ANIMUS 14 days ago
You need to reward the one that wins with a treat and they’ll recognise that they need to finish to get one then they’ll actually race hahaha
Gideon Smith
Gideon Smith 15 days ago
I just want ksi to start boxing again ;-;
mrmcgee 14 days ago
He will soon he just needs to make room for his schedule
William Matthews
William Matthews 15 days ago
im so dumb i thought he had some extra hamstrs but they where placed against the mirror so i thought it was 4 caars
Tarty 15 days ago
We all wanna see vik fight
ChAnDlErGaMeZYT 15 days ago
I vote youtubers
Faceless 15 days ago
"jj wouldn't drown if he was a mermaid" he could of just been white
guy in your bushes
guy in your bushes 14 days ago
Underrated top comment
Mr. KK
Mr. KK 15 days ago
16:45 why's the ps5 on ?????
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez 15 days ago
Deji is going to lose
grace :p
grace :p 15 days ago
i’m so excited for you to beat the shit out of bryce and i’m not even joking.
Kezza Smokes
Kezza Smokes 15 days ago
Deji fights two days after my birthday
Ricegum is down BAD